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Two women walking enjoying exercise and mental health
Exercise and mental health

As many people pursue their summer fitness workouts to improve their physical health, we’re looking at the connection between exercise and mental health.

Aboriginal flag placed atop a map of Australia
Poor physical health major contributor to distress in older Indigenous Australians

A new study suggests that poor physical health and disability are key drivers of psychological distress in older Indigenous Australians.


Regional and remote farmer standing in a field
Regional and remote mental health services are difficult to access

One in five Australians will experience a mental health disorder each year, but recent reports suggest that people living in regional and remote areas are not able to access the support services they need.

Women walking her dog suffering from lonliness
Tackling loneliness: UK appoints minister for loneliness

Latest figures from the UK suggest that 9 million people, young and old, are affected by loneliness. To combat these growing numbers, the UK has appointed a minister for loneliness; Tracey Crouch, to tackle the scale of the problem across Britain.