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Man sitting alone on a park bench
Loneliness study and the power of human connection

As loneliness becomes an increasing public health concern, psychologists and researchers are looking at the power of human connection. Using the UCLA Loneliness Scale, the Australian Psychological Society (APS) has recently collaborated with Swinburne University to conduct a loneliness study in Australia.

lonely man with headache
The physical impact of loneliness, Part 1

Its well-recognised that loneliness plays a significant role in causing and exacerbating emotional difficulties, but recent research into loneliness has also led to a greater understanding of how it can ravage our bodies.

men fishing - new approaches to men's mental health are needed
New approaches to men’s mental health are vital

What can account for the marked gender differences in help seeking behaviour?  It could be due in part to the availability of services tailored to meet the needs of men’s mental health.

Woman crying. Domestic and Family Violence Prevention is up to all of us
Domestic and Family Violence Prevention – it’s up to all of us

Despite an increase in effort, we are not seeing a decline Domestic and Family Violence.  Why?  Partly because our efforts are failing to address the systemic issues behind it.