What We Offer

On the Line offers tailored services along the mental health continuum.

  • 24/7 telephone, web chat and video counselling

    On the Line is a national leader in the delivery of high quality telephone and online support to Australians, anywhere and anytime. Our professional and highly trained workforce delivers telephone, web chat and video counselling.

    All of our counselling services are staffed by qualified professional counsellors, social workers and psychologists.

    By offering a range of service delivery modalities, we provide additional access points which help to overcome barriers that can prevent people accessing support, such as geography, financial hardship or social isolation.

    Telephone, web chat and video counselling can be an effective addition or alternative to traditional face-to-face counselling, offering anonymity, immediacy and 24-hour availability.

  • Callback service

    Our callback service provides clients with ongoing support with the same counsellor at a time best suited to them.

  • Triage and risk assessment

    On the Line can provide a national 1300 or 1800 triage line to support your clients to access localised support services. The triage line can include immediate needs and risk assessments, psychoeducation, generalist counselling, and referral delivered by On the Line’s professional counselling team.

  • Suicide risk assessment

    Our counsellors are professionally trained to undertake a comprehensive suicide risk assessment and take an appropriate intervention to minimise risk.

  • 24/7 forum and social media moderation

    On the Line can minimise the impact of risk to your organisation by monitoring your forum and social media accounts 24 hours a day or after hours. If we identify a post that indicates someone is at risk or is needing a response about a mental health issue, we can remove it, respond, intervene or escalate it according to robust risk assessment process and response procedures.

  • Branding and marketing

    The On the Line marketing team can develop and implement a range of marketing and branding services. This includes logo development, a new website or microsite, tailored print and digital collateral, proactive content development calendar, traditional advertising, and digital campaigns.

  • Tailored services

    Our Business Development Team can work with you to create a tailored support service to meet the needs of your community and organisation.

  • Contact us

    If you have a specific idea or would like to talk to us about how we can develop a custom service for your organisation, please contact the Commercial Business Development Manager, onĀ 03 8371 2800 or email businessdevelopment@ontheline.org.au