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Industry and member

Professional counselling support for workplace employees and members.

On the Line delivers mental health support services that provide counselling, information, referrals, and online moderation. These services help people who have anxiety, stress, relationship problems, grief, gambling, trauma, depression, or workplace stress.


On the Line delivers the AICNSW Care professional counselling service, Monday to Friday 9am to 9pm. The service is available for AICNSW members and their families who are feeling the pressures of everyday life.

Services provided:

  • Professional phone counselling

Funded by AICNSW.


On the Line provides after-hours support for Incolink members and their families. This includes single session counselling, and crisis and critical response counselling.

Services provided:

  • After-hours professional phone counselling for mental health in the workplace
  • Detailed call activity and service performance reporting.

Funded by Incolink.

Travellers Aid

Professional counselling for Travellers Aid employees and volunteers.

Services provided:

  • 24/7 professional phone counselling
  • Detailed call activity and service performance reporting.

Funded by Travellers Aid.