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Victorian Budget: Record investment in mental health services

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On the Line welcomes the news that the Victorian Government has announced a record investment for mental health support in the Victorian Budget 2018/19.

Overall, $705 million will be invested in the mental health sector. We have highlighted some projects below.

  • $18.7 million to support the development of six new Hospital Outreach Post-Suicidal Engagement sites. These dedicated facilities will help an extra 3,000 Victorians every year.
  • $153.8 million to provide intensive community mental health services and support for current high-need mental health clients.
  • $100.5 million in six emergency department crisis hubs across the state, to help people with urgent mental health, alcohol and drug issues.
  • $58.9 million for expanding the Mental Health and Complex Needs Initiative to assist more people experiencing a mental health crisis.
  • $4 million in funding will help promote mental health and wellbeing for Aboriginal Victorians.
  • $232.4 million will support 89 new and existing acute inpatient beds and boost the number of treatment hours in community-based services, giving around 12,800 more Victorians the care they require.
  • $28.6 million to boost support in existing Preventative and Residential Care units (PARCs).


To read the full breakdown of the mental health budget, visit the Victorian Government’s website.


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