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World Bipolar Day: Man showing different emotions
Breaking down common bipolar disorder myths

For World Bipolar Day, we’re breaking down the myths associated with the disorder to help eliminate the stigma. Bipolar disorder is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks. One in fifty adult Australians will experience the disorder in a year.

Group of happy young people sat in a park
International Day of Happiness – Happiest places

In 2017, Norway topped the World Happiness Report ranking, with Australia coming in a respectable ninth place. With the United Nation’s International Day of Happiness coming up, we thought it was a good time to look at what makes a country and a workplace happy.

International Womens Day: Women in leadership roles sat discussing work
International Women’s Day: Press for Progress

March 8 is International Women’s Day, and the theme for 2018 is #pressforprogress. The campaign aims to highlight the gender gap to encourage everyone to think, act and be gender inclusive.

Health care professionals discussing measure for zero suicide
Zero Suicide target within the mental health sector

Zero suicide is a fast-growing global initiative that aims to prevent people dying by suicide while under the care of a healthcare provider. Zero Suicide believes that these deaths are preventable and are encouraging providers to improve their systems. We’re taking a closer look at how different countries are approaching the Zero Suicide goal.

Two women walking enjoying exercise and mental health
Exercise and mental health

As many people pursue their summer fitness workouts to improve their physical health, we’re looking at the connection between exercise and mental health.

Aboriginal flag placed atop a map of Australia
Poor physical health major contributor to distress in older Indigenous Australians

A new study suggests that poor physical health and disability are key drivers of psychological distress in older Indigenous Australians.


Regional and remote farmer standing in a field
Regional and remote mental health services are difficult to access

One in five Australians will experience a mental health disorder each year, but recent reports suggest that people living in regional and remote areas are not able to access the support services they need.

Women walking her dog suffering from lonliness
Tackling loneliness: UK appoints minister for loneliness

Latest figures from the UK suggest that 9 million people, young and old, are affected by loneliness. To combat these growing numbers, the UK has appointed a minister for loneliness; Tracey Crouch, to tackle the scale of the problem across Britain.

Women sat using Facebook
Facebook and your wellbeing

Facebook, recently announced they want to make sure the time we spend on the platform is well spent, and improves our wellbeing. Facebook has worked with academic institutions to research the impact social media has on our wellbeing. View some of the research findings with us.

Close up of people holding hands
Increased funding for mental health services

The Government is to provide an additional $1.8 million in funding over the next two years to four digital mental health services that offer telephone, web chat and online support.