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On the Line achieves ISO 9001:2015 certification

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On the Line is delighted to announce that we have achieved certification for ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems.

This certification is recognition of the efforts made by the On the Line team to ensure that our organisation has robust quality planning, policies and procedures in place.

This accreditation further enhances On the Line’s reputation for providing quality services to the community, and provides an internationally recognised assurance to both current and future partners that our operations are world class.


What is the ISO 9001:2015 certification?

ISO 9001:2015 is an internationally recognized standard for Quality Management Systems. This certification recognises On the Line’s Quality Management System as meeting world standards.

A Quality Management System (QMS) is a set of principles, processes and systems that an organization has in place that supports them to provide a professional, accountable and quality service.

Some of the concepts included in a quality management system include:

  • Recruitment and training of suitably qualified staff.
  • Management of the information we provide to our staff and clients, that is current and based on industry best practice.
  • A feedback and complaints process that is accessible for our clients.
  • An incident management system, where we investigate and report on incidents according to industry standard.
  • Provision of current technology systems that allow us to provide services that meet demand.
  • A Risk Management Process where we actively identify and manage risks that can impact the service we provide.
  • Governance, which is the set of rules that direct us in providing our services to you. This includes abiding by all Australia laws and regulations around Privacy, Mandatory Reporting, Financial Management, Employment standards etc.


What does this certification mean?

As a customer, the ISO 9001:2015 certification assures you of the quality of our service, and that we are committed to providing this service while being accountable and responsible in its delivery and outcomes.

It means that you can have confidence that:

  • You will talk to professional counsellors who have tertiary qualifications and extensive experience.
  • Your personal information will be stored securely
  • We will listen to your feedback or complaint (if you have one) and will investigate your concerns
  • We use evidence based research to support our counselling practice
  • We will get assistance for you in the event of immediate risk
  • We review what we do on a planned basis to ensure we continue to meet industry standard and our customer’s needs.

The ISO 9001:2015 certification mark will appear on our website in the coming months.


If you or someone you know needs support, please reach out to one of our counselling services.

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