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Media releases

Mental health organisation On the Line Australia’s media releases announce new innovative technologies, new counselling services, key topics and more.

On the Line helplines seeing an increase in calls related to COVID-19

On the Line has seen an increase in calls over the last couple of weeks, as the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has spread across Australia.

New virtual assistant provides interactive counselling support

On the Line is delighted to announce that clients visiting the Suicide Call Back Service website can now access counselling support through an interactive virtual assistant. With user interaction, Claire can conduct risk assessments, provide self-guided breathing and relaxation exercises, provide referrals to existing website resources and direct users to seek counsellor assistance when required.

NQ Connect to provide free mental and social health support for flood affected Queenslanders

24-hour mental and social health support in Northern and Western Queensland.

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Step Together helpline: For people concerned about violent extremism in NSW

On the Line is pleased to provide an update on the successful uptake of the Step Together service, funded by the NSW Government. Launched in June 2017, Step Together is part of the NSW Government’s commitment to countering violent extremism. Violent extremism can come from any side of the political spectrum, any religion, race or other grouping. The key defining behaviour that makes this a problem for our society is the use of violence to pursue goals for change.

New free counselling and mental health service for Townsville veterans

On the Line is proud to announce the launch of NQ Connect: Operation Compass, as part of the Operation Compass suicide prevention pilot program for current and former Australian Defence Force personnel in the Townsville region.

New Mental Health Service for northern Queensland

On the Line is delighted to announce the successful launch of NQ Connect, a new counselling service funded by the Northern Queensland Primary Health Network (NQPHN), created to meet the mental health needs of people across northern Queensland.

$6m funding for suicide crisis support and prevention services

The Department of Health is extending the funding for two key suicide crisis support and prevention services: Suicide Call Back Service and the All Hours Suicide Support Service.

Changing for Good receives funding extension

The Changing for Good program will receive funding for an additional 12 months from the Department of Social Services. This funding extension will allow the service to continue to help men make long-lasting changes to their violent behaviour.

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Mental health services in regional and remote Australia

Recent reports suggest that Australians living in regional and remote areas are not able to access the mental health support they need. One in five Australians will experience a mental health disorder each year, and with 29% of the population living in regional or remote areas, the need for mental health services is significant. On the Line’s Suicide Call Back Service and MensLine Australia counselling services can fill some of these gaps.

Suicide Call Back Service receives funding boost

On the Line welcomes the news that Suicide Call Back Service will receive an additional $400,000 in funding from the Department of Health. This funding boost will help the service to meet the increased demand from people needing to talk to counsellors in their time of need.