NSW Review of seclusion, restraint and observation of consumers with a mental illness

On the Line welcomes the NSW Government’s independent report of the Review of seclusion, restraint and observation of consumers with a mental illness in NSW Health facilities.

Man sat on floor suffering social anxiety
Social Anxiety: What is it and how can you manage it?

While Christmas is a happy time for many people, some of us can get anxious thinking about socialising at events. This is a fairly normal feeling, especially if you don’t know the people well or will be in a new situation. But when does this anxiety become a problem?

Man with head in hands suffering from loneliness
Survey finds 5.6 million Australians are suffering from loneliness

A new Loneliness Survey from the Australian Red Cross has found that as many as 5.6 million Australians are suffering from loneliness.

Teenager skateboarding: Anxiety in teenagers
US Research: Anxiety in Teenagers

Research from the US, looking at the level of anxiety in teenagers. Many teenagers have worries and feel afraid and sad at times. These feelings are normal, but when these worries and fears don’t go away and start to interfere with their social activities, school, and home life, it may be an anxiety disorder.

The Professional Student

Thinking about studying for a new qualification to reinvigorate your interest at work, take the next step in your career, or embark on a career change? Then here are some things you should consider, as studying while working full-time comes with its own set of challenges.

Marriage Equality Vote

On the Line has supported marriage equality and is pleased that Australians have voted yes in the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey.

The Green Workplace Impact on Mental Health

If you haven’t considered how the environmental impact of your workplace affects the planet and climate change but also your employees’ wellbeing, now is the time to think about it.

Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying is a risk to the health and safety of employees and may have long lasting effects on mental and physical health.

Mental Illness in the Workplace

Awareness and reduction in stigma around mental illness in the workplace are taking great steps forwards, thanks to advocacy programs and greater media coverage. However, knowing the best way to support a staff member who has a mental illness can be challenging if you’ve never encountered the situation before.

A Mentally Healthy Workplace

Around 45% of Australians between 16 and 85 years will experience a mental illness at some point in their life. Therefore, it is likely that as a manager or a business owner, you will supervise someone with a mental illness.