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Australian Federal Budget 2019: Investing in health

One in five Australians experienced a mental health condition in the past 12 months, and almost half of us will experience a mental health issue during our lifetime. At On the Line, we have seen a 23% increase in calls to Suicide Call Back Service and a 27% increase in calls to MensLine from 2016-17 to 2017-18, and they continue to rise. On the Line welcomes the Government investment in prioritising mental health and suicide prevention.

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Could nature healing be part of the future of treatment?

In the mental health sector’s continuing search for new ways to understand, prevent and treat emotional and mental ill health, new findings are constantly emerging. One of the most interesting areas to attract more recent attention and acceptance is not new – in fact, it is old as humanity itself – the concept of ‘nature healing’.

Lonely girl looking out the window - studies are showing the loneliness that contribute to physical disease & early death
The physical impact of loneliness (Part 2)

Numerous studies have shown us that loneliness carries risks for physical disease and even for a shortened life span.

By Kim O’Neill, CEO, On the Line

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Managing work stress

It’s a fact of life that our jobs can sometimes become difficult or stressful and this can be an unpleasant feeling. Understand what can cause workplace stress and what you can do to help make your work day less stressful.

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5 ways that talking about mental health can bring people closer

Why Do Some People Struggle With Mental Health? Talking about it with a friend or family member might seem like the last thing you want to do. But opening up and sharing your feelings will help you feel better.

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Expanding our mindset when talking about mental health

As discussed in my recent post about the renewed focus on mental health brought about by Victorian and Federal government reviews, we have a wonderful opportunity to look at mental health in a new way.

By Kim O’Neill, CEO, On the Line

Flood support
24-hour mental and social health support in Northern and Western Queensland

Phone and online counselling service NQ Connect is supporting people affected by the recent Queensland floods.

Priority issues to address in the Royal Commission into Mental Health - Friends stacking hands
Key points for upcoming reviews into mental health

It is fantastic to see a renewed focus on mental health with upcoming Victorian and federal reviews. Let’s use this opportunity to look at mental health in a new and more holistic way.

By Kim O’Neill, CEO, On the Line

Parliament House - Royal Commission into Mental Health On the Line submission
Royal Commission into Mental Health – On the Line submission

On the Line has submitted a response to the Victorian Royal Commission into Mental Health that outlines just some of the areas that we consider to be priorities in this review.

Man sat on the couch with child maintaining a good work-life balance
Maintaining a good work-life balance

It is important we manage the balance between employment, relationships and other things that make us happy. Follow these tips to manage your work-life balance.