All Hours Suicide Support Service

What is the All Hours Suicide Support Service?

The All Hours Suicide Support Service (AHS) is a specialized national telephone service designed to support clients of the Primary Health Networks (PHN) when their Allied Health Provider is out of hours, are away, or when there is a long gap between appointments.

AHS provides support to clients who are low-to-medium risk of suicide 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring all clients have access to professional support around the clock.

I'm an Allied Health Professional - How does it work?

  • All clients who are referred to us must be assessed as low to medium risk and 15 years or older.
  • Clients need to have an ongoing treating practitioner (Allied Health Practitioner) or should be in the process of being linked in with one.
  • The Allied Health Practitioner must be registered with a Primary Health Network (PHN) and should have successfully completed their SPS Training.
  • If consent is provided by the client, call session notes for each call made to your client by AHS will be securely emailed to you as a password protected PDF.
  • The AHS Suicide Support Service is not responsible for ongoing case management of your client. Outbound calls made are check in calls for your client and occur once a day for up to two weeks at a time. If additional calls are required, this will need to be confirmed with AHS.

Practitioner registration is required

To access the service, Allied Health Practitioners must register with the AHS Suicide Support Service before being able to refer clients to the service. To register please download and complete the Practitioner Details Form and email to AHS@ontheline.org.au

Referring clients to AHS

Client referrals are only accepted via email. Please download and complete the Client Details Form and email to AHS@ontheline.org.au

Please advise your client to expect the first scheduled call and that the call will be from a private number. Please direct your client to contact 1800 859 585 should they require additional support between appointments.

I'm a client - How does it work?

The All Hours Suicide Support Service (AHS) is a specialized national telephone service designed to support clients when their Allied Health Provider (Psychologist, Social Worker, Mental Health Clinician etc.) is not available. The service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure individuals linked in with a registered Allied Health Provider, or who are in the process of being linked in with one, have access to qualified counselling support when needed.

Clients over 15 years of age, with a low-to-moderate risk of suicide can get referred to the AHS service either by their GP, a mental health professional, their Allied Health Provider, or through self-referral if waiting for a registered AHS Allied Health Provider.

Your mental health provider can organise our counsellors to contact you, or you can simply pick up the phone and contact us on 1800 859 585.

Your feedback is very important to us as it will help us improve the service to support you and others through the most difficult time in your lives. You can provide feedback in two ways:

  • Call 1800 859 585 and speak with a counsellor who will report your feedback to our Program Manager and lodge it in our database.
  • Email AHS at ahs@ontheline.org.au

The AHS Suicide Support Line is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and delivered by On the Line.

About On the Line

On the Line is a professional social health organisation providing counselling support, anywhere and anytime. We listen and encourage people to feel better: building resilience, fostering healthy relationships, and connecting people with community support.

On the Line’s highly trained counsellors provide professional, quality telephone, web chat and video counselling services to more than 100,000 people each year. Many of our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our counsellors are experts in men’s mental health, anger management, family violence (using and experiencing), healthy relationships, integrated wellbeing, mental health, chronic health conditions, problematic drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide and trauma-informed practice for anyone affected by suicide.

We deliver several specialist services including the Suicide Call Back ServiceSuicideLine Victoria, and MensLine Australia.